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Helping You Take the Lead with Confidence

As an educator with over 25 years of experience and a lifetime of experience with dogs, Sharon brings to her dog training a deep understanding of how to support families and their dogs. She will help you understand how your dog learns and communicates. Your dog will learn what is expected and you will learn how to communicate those expectations effectively and consistently.

Since the beginning, Sharon has been surrounded by animals, both domestic and wild. As a child there were always dogs in her life as well as the usual assortment of other critters ranging from guinea pigs to salamanders. Early on she learned from her father how to teach their dogs basic obedience skills and how to gain their respect. He instilled in her a love and respect for all animals which became the foundation for her interactions with all living beings. Horses came into her life as soon as she was big enough to take her first riding lesson. As a young girl “in love” with horses many, many hours were spent at the barn

During her undergraduate years, Sharon continued her interest in animals through her studies in zoology and environmental conservation. Her love of the natural sciences blossomed into a successful career teaching science from New England to California to Maryland. Once settled in Maryland, she obtained her Masters Degree in Education. In her personal life dogs, cats and horses remained at the core of her family. Not only training her own dogs but also working with rescue groups helping to evaluate and foster dogs. Most of Sharon’s dogs were adopted through rescue groups and often arrived with their own challenges. Each of these special dogs taught Sharon something about both dog and human behavior. These experiences helped her gain an understanding of what it takes to successfully bring a dog from a rescue group into a family.

Sharon became a Certified Professional Trainer CPT after attending the well-known "National K9 School for Dog Trainers" in Ohio. She received an additional Professional Dog Training Certificate from "Canine Obedience Unlimited" in Maryland. 

Why us?

Our extensive experience with dogs AND people sets Training By Dogwood Studio apart from other trainers.

We understand that your dog is part of your family, whether it is a family of two (you and your dog) or a large blended family. Our expertise is in teaching you AND your dog about each other.

Many other training programs focus on training your dog; we focus on supporting YOU. YOU are the most important and influential person in your dog's life.

We also specialize in helping dogs adopted from rescue organizations to have successful transitions into their new families and "Forever Homes".

Sharon R. Pehle M.Ed, CPT

Professional Dog Trainer

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