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All Private Services begin with a "Meet the Trainer Session". During this time you, your dog and your trainer will get to know each other and determine the private lesson program which will best serve you and your canine companion.

Private Lessons and

Private Lesson Packages

These are private, one-on-one sessions with the trainer. The sessions may be scheduled individually or sign up for a Four Week Training Package and receive a discount on the tuition.

Semi-Private Lesson Packages

Invite a friend to join you for a Semi-Private Four Week Package. You and your friend will have added fun while receiving an additional discount on your tuition. Sessions occur at your home or a designated outdoor venue.

Rescue Sessions

As more and more people discover the joy of adopting dogs through rescue groups such as the SPCA or breed rescues, there is a growing need to help families and dogs make successful transitions to their "Forever Home". These are private sessions that are tailored to the individual needs of the dog and the adoptive family.

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